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BrrKnives, Attn.: Mr Rafal Brzeski


5 Bobrowa Str.

59-220 Legnica (Lower Silesia)







If you are interested in my work, please  read carefully my sales policy:

I'm a knifemaker not a factory and I'm making custom folding knives in single pieces. I'm able to finish few knives a month. The group of collectors who wants to buy my knives is growing faster that I can deliver the knives thats why I have strictly sales policy.

I’m done with taking orders on my regular orderbook. To make my knives available for you there will be 3 ways to buy it:

1.  Right before  each knife „for sale” will be finished i will inform you about that and  basic model price at my FB group - BrrKnives for sale

on my Instagram

USN and Bladeforums.

I know the fact that customers are from all over the world  thats why I will use the most affordable and fair hour – (2 PM GMT).

The person who will react first and confirm the purchase on email will have a reservation of the knife. Each reserved knife can be personalized/customized for the extra price. Every customization work will be determined before the work starts.

2. The second way to get my knife is an auction. I,m planning to make single knives in some crazy and unusual finish with use of unconventional materials. There will be 2-4 auctions a year.

Each auction will be announced on my social media and both knife forums.

3. The third way is exhibitions and shows. This year you can meet me at Warsaw / Poland on ZLOT and at BKS knife show at Gembloux / Belgium.

This sales policy gives me an opportunity to constantly increasing my skills and makes experiments to deliver you the best, high-ended custom knives.